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26 Dec, 2011

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2011

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Remote DBA-relevant Subjects Hot Topics at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2011

As a remote database management services provider, dbaDIRECT recently attendedGartner Symposium/ITxpo 2011 with a special interest in such session topics as outsourcing, data and infrastructure management, mobility, cloud computing, and business intelligence. Our organizational mission is predicated on helping organizations manage and do more with their data, so these matters have particular relevancy to what we do.

What we learned from the symposium reinforces our ideas on database management and IT infrastructure outsourcing: organizations need a solid partner to help them meet the challenges of an ever increasing change rate.

Today’s data volumes and the tools and techniques to manage them are advancing at an astounding pace. Organizations that aren’t able to keep up will quickly be left behind by competitors able to leverage change to foster superior business intelligence.

Key Point: Partner with Your Remote DBA Services Provider

One of the highlight sessions at the symposium was a talk on outsourcing by Gartner analyst Linda Cohen. She emphasized that outsourcing routinely fosters bottom-line results: “In this new era, successful sourcing strategies will differentiate winners from losers.”

She underscored the term “partnership” to describe the approach organizations should use with the outsourcing firms they hire. She cautioned organizations to establish clear and realistic expectations in their outsourcing relationships and to avoid ad hoc sourcing strategies. Instead, she advised, “create a culture of collaboration” with your outsource partners.

As a remote database management services firm, we appreciated hearing this advice from Cohen, as it affirms the approach we’ve always employed. We consider each client relationship a “partnership,” with us fully invested in the client’s utmost success. Whether we are hired to fulfill a specific task or to provide comprehensive remote DBA consulting and management services, our focus is on providing the most useful and beneficial remote DBA services to the over one hundred organizations we serve in various industries throughout the country.

In fact, in 2010 Gartner recognized us as a “cool vendor”. Gartner honored us with this designation because it deemed us “a company that offers technologies or solutions that are innovative, impactful, and intriguing.” We aim for such high standards to ensure our clients get the most benefit from their partnerships with us.

Learn more about how we become Your Remote DBA Team.

Remote Database Management Fosters Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) was another popular topic at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2011. New tools and techniques in database management are rapidly increasing the amount and type of real-time BI organizations can get out of their data.

The problem is, however, “business dashboards are everywhere, but poor design, alert fatigue and information glut threaten to overwhelm their potential benefits,” according to information from one of the sessions.

Other issues explored at the symposium included choosing the right BI platform among the growing number available on the market and “best practices for the development and support of BI, analytics and performance management (BAP) initiatives.” The sessions offered ideas and recommendations on how to address these issues.

Assimilating and following the suggestions, however, can be rather overwhelming for organizations struggling to simply manage the vast and growing volumes of data they accrue on a daily basis. With enormous resources tied up just in the administration of data, it becomes a challenge to then free up the resources necessary to manipulate that data in the most effective ways for enhanced business decision making.

Addressing these concerns, dbaDIRECT offers remote database management and consulting services. For organizations wishing to be able to dedicate more resources on BI, we can provide remote DBA services, with onsite or offsite, 24×7 database administration services and staffing. These services free up your internal staff to focus less on routine administrative tasks and more on high-level BI tasks.

Additionally, our database consulting and BI consulting services can help organizations identify and deploy the right BI solutions to provide them with the superior decision making they need to be leaders in their industries.

Mobile, Cloud, and Your Data

“The vast majority of organizations have ignored mobile BI due to the lack of usability of earlier mobile devices,” declares the information from one of the symposium sessions. “This is changing as the proliferation of smartphones and tablets with superior ease of use represents an inflection point.” Moreover, “like it or not, the cloud’s impact on analytics, business intelligence and performance management is formatively changing the way organizations source solutions.”

In fact, many of the sessions focused on advances in mobile and cloud computing. They made the clear statement that organizations not taking prompt and appropriate steps to adopt these innovations will struggle to keep up with their users’ needs: “The constant need of timely access to information from diverse sources including cloud data has driven the business to become more autonomous in managing data.” As well: “The explosion in personal mobile devices, widespread availability of cheap Internet capacity and new integrated communications systems are combining to create new opportunities for forward-thinking leaders.”

Is your organization ready to fully leverage these technologies? If you want to add mobile or cloud initiatives to your organization but are struggling with integrating them with your data administration or other needs, we can assist you. Mobile and cloud are hot trends, ignored or halfheartedly addressed to great risk to your organization.

Should you wish to make greater use of these technologies for BI or other purposes, we can definitely help. Call us at 1-877-687-3227, option 3, for a free consultation.


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