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20 Sep, 2013

How Remote DBAs Tackle Modern DBA Challenges

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Since most organizations in today’s economy are battling database management worries―like cost reductions, supporting 24 X 365 operations, lost business due to downtime, and fast-changing database technology―choosing and implementing effective alternatives to traditional database support methods has become a necessary business practice.

That’s the opinion of Mark Vorholt, chief technology officer of dbaDIRECT, an IT outsourcing company specializing in remote dba services. Vorholt, a nationally recognized expert in remote database administration and selective outsourcing strategy, is the author of a new white paper entitled, “The Remote DBA Solution to Modern Database Administration Challenges.” The report analyzes common database administration problems and demonstrates how outsourcing DBA functions to a remote DBA is a more practical, profitable solution than performing them exclusively in-house.

Some of the challenges addressed in white paper include:

IT Cost Reductions

Organizations have downsized their internal DBA staff to save money, yet now they risk losing productivity due to insufficient support. Existing DBAs will need to be supplemented to avoid financial loss due to downtime.

Database Complexity

Databases continue to grow in size and complexity. Due to the constant flux in database technology, organizations will need to find new ways to keep pace and to offset heavy training expenses of in-house personnel.

Focus on Core Competencies

In-house DBAs are pulled in many directions―from daily maintenance activities to new implementations. But each time a DBA gets pulled away from strategic projects, the organization suffers a competitive disadvantage. Therefore, it is essential that organizations find ways to free their internal DBAs to concentrate exclusively on the adoption of new technologies and applications.

Burgeoning DBA Workload

Databases are handling more functionality than ever; consequently, the role of the DBA is expanding. DBAs now work over fifty hours per week and at least six hours on weekends. Organizations will need to use alternative, cost-effective staffing models to offload some of the burden from in-house DBAs.

The report also presents the remote DBA value proposition in response to today’s pressing database demands:

Reduced Database Support Costs

Organizations are able to outsource daily operational duties (e.g. backup, tuning, performance monitoring, etc.) for about half the cost of increasing the existing internal DBA staff. Plus they can eliminate expenditures on contractors performing DBA-related work.

Improved Database Availability

Remote DBAs ensure continuous database uptime by monitoring the environment for immediate and potential problems, correcting them, and performing proactive measures to promote optimal system performance ― all on a 24 X 365 basis. Consequently, organizations are better able to meet constant availability requirements by eliminating support gaps during off-hours such as nights, weekends, and holidays.

Higher Productivity Toward Strategic Goals

Remote DBAs perform full database administration tasks ‘round the clock. This enables organizations to offload tactical database support from internal DBAs and focus their efforts solely on implementing strategic projects that grow the business’ core competencies.

For a free copy of the white paper, “The Remote DBA Solution to Modern Database Administration Challenges,” send an E-mail request to or call 877-687-3227 Ext. 652.

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